Rare Breeds Silvopasture

And Relax

The grass really is growing, but our patchwork fields means that growth is far from uniform. The animals need to be moved almost daily to take advantage of new grass without overgrazing. It is a busy time. So, after a long days work yesterday, and with the weather still smiling on us, it was lovely to take a relaxing stroll around the orchard.

The orchard was one of our first projects when we first moved to Wenallt. We were lucky enough to be able to buy trees from Ian Sturrock and Sons, a grower in North Wales who specialise in rare, old Welsh fruit varieties with exotic names such as ‘Pig’s Skin’ and ‘Goose’s Beak’. The orchard is also bit of an experiment in silvopasture as we graze the grass underneath (keeping a close eye to make sure nothing escapes to have a nibble on the trees themselves).